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Welcome to Katara’s official website. Katara is an American songwriter who performs original songs in English and Chinese.

Throughout mainland China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Katara’s television performances have been viewed by millions of people. She has been seen on Zhejiang SatelliteTV’s hit program “The China Dream Show”, CCTV’s “Loud Echo”, Taiwan Television’s “Super Star”, and many more. Katara’s self-produced videos have been featured on the homepage of the largest video sharing platforms in China including Youku, 56.com, and YinYueTai.

In 2014, Katara was chosen from hundreds of contestants to attend FGM’s “Play and Sing” competition in Shenzhen. Because she gave a deeply moving performance of her original Chinese song “深深爱你”, Katara won glowing reviews from the judges and took home the coveted “Most Loved by the Audience” award.

In addition to her online and television exposure, Katara has been interviewed by the largest Chinese language newspaper in North America, The World Journal, iconic China Daily in Beijing, and The Global Times.

Katara directs and edits her own music videos. As an independent artist without the support of a record label, Katara writes, publishes, and promotes her original music herself. If you would like to find out how you can support Katara’s original music, please visit Katara’s new online music shop http://music.katara.com. Thank you for your support!


October 18, 2016: New Music Video 倒影

 The music video for Katara’s new song “倒影” (Reflection) is now available on YouTube!   Complete with stunning visuals and unexpected imagery, this video marks new territory in the evolution of Katara’s video editing style! Upon release, the video appeared on the homepages of both Youku and 56.com. Youku said that Katara’s new song “pulls on your heartstrings” Watch the video and find out for yourself!

August 9, 2016: The Flood MP3

Katara’s song “The Flood” is available re-released with new album artwork in Katara’s music store! Go to the music page here to download it http://music.katara.com  Random fact about the production of “The Flood”: Katara played all of the acoustic and electric guitar parts in this song herself. She wrote and performed the electric guitar riffs and solo featured in this song on an Epiphone Les Paul. She originally recorded this song “The Flood” in 2011.  

August 3, 2016: Reflection (Unplugged) on iTunes

The unplugged version of my new Chinese song “Reflection” is available on iTunes today! Click this link to download it! Katara’s Song on iTunes

August 1, 2016: Katara’s New Music Announcement

I’m so excited to tell you all that my new EP “The China Doll” is finished and will be available soon! It contains six of my original Chinese songs! If you would like to be alerted when it is available for download, please sign up for my newsletter here.

Or you can pre-order it on my brand new online store! Just go to http://music.katara.com and click “The China Doll” Pre-order. I really hope you love listening to this music as much as I have loved writing it. Thank you for sharing my journey with me! Love, Katara




Katara's Thoughts

A Special Thank You

I want to personally extend a special thank you to my executive producer Jack who has so generously supported my music videos. His support helped contribute to the production of some of my best work, and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished. As independent artists, we rely on the support of patrons who believe that art is both important and valuable in order to help us bring it to life. Thank you Jack for believing and helping to make this dream a reality.  

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Ask Katara

What is Katara Karaoke?

Katara releases karaoke versions of her music videos so that her fans can sing along! Because some of Katara’s fans are native Chinese speakers and some fans are students who are still learning Chinese, Katara releases two different Karaoke versions of each song: in the first version the lyrics are written in Chinese characters (汉字). The second version has the lyrics written in Pīnyīn, which is the romanization of Chinese characters that students use to be able to read Chinese using letters of the English alphabet. In this way, Chinese learners can use Katara’s songs to practice their Chinese and learn new vocabulary.

Is Katara signed by a record label?

No, Katara is an independent artist. She writes, records, distributes, and promotes her music without the support of a record label.

What dialect of Chinese does Katara speak?

Katara speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Does Katara use WeChat?

Yes! Her username is: laowaipengyou

How can I find Katara’s videos on Youku?

Katara’s username on Youku is 老外朋友 which means “Foreign Friend”. You can search for her using her Chinese username or follow this direct link http://i.youku.com/kataramusic

How long has Katara been speaking Chinese?

Katara started learning Chinese in August of 2011.

What nationality is Katara?

Katara is American, born and raised in New York.

Contact Katara

Thank you for visiting Katara’s Official Website! If you would like to support Katara, you can check her out on Patreon (http://patreon.com/katara). There you can get cool rewards like pre-release MP3s and custom voice memos from Katara herself! Another way you can support Katara’s dream is by subscribing to her on YouTube and following her social networks below!

If you are a media outlet that would like to request a press-kit or interview, please contact Katara’s management using the address provided below.


The e-mail address is for business inquiries only and is not monitored by Katara. If you are a fan who would like to contact Katara, please leave a comment on her Instagram, which she checks often. Thank you for your cooperation.