Autographed Photos are Finally Here!

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to announce that my new shop is finally live here on my website. YAY!!!!!!!!

Katara Dancing

As you might know if you follow me on Facebook, I was recently thinking about starting a GoFundMe for some new projects that I hope to do. I decided not to do the campaign for a bunch of reasons… one of the biggest ones is that GoFundMe had a rule change for new campaigns where they won’t let people offer rewards anymore. I wanted to be able to offer things like autographed photos and custom voice memos… Also, I needed a place where people could download my music as well.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work setting up a brand new shop on my website!!!

I’ve added three different designs & sizes of autographed photo: Small 4X6, Medium 5X7, and Large 8X10.

The one in this picture is the smallest one, which is 4 inches by 6 inches. The photo was taken during my music video shoot for my original song “你是谁” off my album “The China Doll” (You can watch the music video here)

Katara Autographed Photo 4X6


By purchasing my autographed photos, you will be helping me continue my creative journey to make music, videos, and (soon) books! (Yes, BOOKS! Blog on that coming soon!!! Please stay tuned!!!!)

If there’s something you’re interested in that isn’t in the store, please leave me a comment on Twitter and let me know! My username is @KataraMusic.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support. I couldn’t do this without you. 非常感谢你们!


Katara 卡塔拉