About Katara

Katara is an American songwriter and musician who performs original songs that she writes in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

Throughout mainland China and Taiwan, Katara’s television performances have been viewed by millions of people. She has been seen on Zhejiang SatelliteTV’s hit program “The China Dream Show”, CCTV’s “Loud Echo”, Taiwan Television’s “Super Star”, and many more. Katara’s self-produced videos have been featured on the homepage of the largest video sharing platforms in China including Youku, 56.com, and YinYueTai.

In 2014, Katara was chosen from hundreds of contestants to attend FGM’s “Play and Sing” competition in Shenzhen. Because she gave a deeply moving performance of her original Chinese song “深深爱你”, Katara won glowing reviews from the judges and took home the coveted “Most Loved by the Audience” award.

In addition to her online and television exposure, Katara has been interviewed by the largest Chinese language newspaper in North America, The World Journal, iconic China Daily in Beijing, and The Global Times.

In both America and China, Katara has done volunteer work such as dedicating her time to perform at fundraisers for The American Cancer Society and helping produce a song to raise awareness for visually impaired children as well as securing a sponsorship to donate musical instruments to a school for the blind.

In 2019, Katara announced that she has written two novels and intends to embark on her journey to become a published author.